About fischertechnic

I am the man behind BBS fischertechnic: Bernhard Fischer. With over 40 years of experience in the racing field, I specialise in the manufacturing and fitting of racing wheels on Porsche racing cars. As a competent and reliable partner, I assist my customers with fulfilling their dream of new rims, from individual fittings to success on the race track. I also make it a point to provide detailed advice to ensure maximum success.

In my racing series, the P9-Challenge, I see the success the right tyres bring in every race. My passion is reflected in my work, and this is something my customers greatly appreciate.

A few years ago, when I received a request from a customer who also wanted to drive his Porsche 964 on the road with racing rims, I was able to use my knowledge and long-standing relationship with BBS to produce the unique BBS Vintage rims by fischertechnic. Because it is only together with our customers that we at fischertechnic can create something new, unexpected and above all reliable – whether on the racetrack or on the road!

What we stand for


Passion vs. Reason 3:0
BBS is always where winners are born. In the cockpit, on the track and in the pit lane. Where adrenaline is the best advisor and passion triumphs over pure reason. This experience, this feeling from 35 years of racing, is now incorporated into every single wheel from BBS – even those approved for street use.


Tough as nails
The engineers at BBS are among the best at what they do. Using top-notch materials combined with the most innovative production methods, they craft wheels that push the limits – reliably withstanding even the most extreme conditions. At the same time, our products impress with their low weight.


The art of the wheel
BBS rims would be indistinguishable from sculptures in your living room. From the initial sketch to the final polishing of the outer disc, we ensure that no two models are alike. Despite this, BBS’s distinctive design language is recognised and understood all over the world.


Perfection à la carte
We serve you your wheel in three courses, a menu tailored exclusively to your car and your requirements. Working with you and by taking measurements, we determine the optimal solution, select the required wheel components and then assemble the individual parts for you.

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